About us

Kanha Makhan Public School is committed to creating a safe & supportive environment that involves each student in a wide range of learning experiences. These are designed to provide a balance of Academic, artistic & social opportunities, there by encouraging students to life their aspirations to the highest level of their capabilities & interests.

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Sampoorna Vidhya

The Quest of Sampoorna Vidhya begins within one's self. It is a journey of self-realization & discovery. At Kanha Makhan School we believe in being the force that helps children realize their individual potential.

School Building

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Nestled in the picturesque landscape, the building is a marvelous piece of architecture which is the out spring of Kanha Makhan Group.


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Well equipped, well lit, and spacious A. C. Classrooms provides the learner with comfortable and homely ambience.

Science Lab

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The purpose of developing a science lab is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of scientific theories and explanations.

Computer Lab

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In the age of IT and AI, computers have become a necessity. To cater this need, the school has two fully air-conditioned and user friendly computer labs.